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Party like you

At Café Torpanranta, you can have a party that reflects your own personal style and taste. Tailored private parties and events can be organized at our premises outside the busy spring and summer seasons.

In winter, the entire Café can be booked in the evenings for 40-70 guests, for example for Christmas parties. Our west wing can be booked for smaller groups. 

We will be happy to discuss your wishes. Welcome!


We prepare group menus for minimum 20 guests and have made some alternative menus to help you plan your event. The prices depend on the time of the event and number of guests.

In December, you can also order a Christmas buffet for your event.

Menu 1

Gluten free

Quiche with seasonal vegetables

Salmon or reindeer quiche

Green salad

Herb oil, balsamic vinegar



Season’s cheesecake

Coffee and tea

Menu 4



Greek salad

Bulgur salad

Marinlated champignons

Marinated red onion

Vine leaves stuffed with rice

Grilled seasonal vegetables

Baquette, hummus


Seasonal vegetable curry


Vegan mousse cake

Coffee and tea

Menu 2

Green salad, lemon vinaigrette

Caesar salad

Marinated mozzarella

Semi-dried tomatoes

Marinated red onion

Marinated Jerusalem artichokes

Serrano ham, smoked salmon, or fried tofu

Baquette, cream cheese


Coffee and tea, chocolates

Menu 5

Our signature salmon soup

Dark bread, butter


Apple or berry pie with custard

Coffee and tea

Menu 3


Green salad, lemon vinaigrette

Caesar salad

Toast Skagen

Finnish squeaky cheese (low lactose)

Prosciutto or gravlax



Salmon, grilled root vegetables, wasabi dressing


Mustard glazed pork tenderloin, grilled root vegetables with thyme creme fraiche


Season’s cheesecake

Coffee and tea

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